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Who is Carolina Computer Services?

Before we begin, let us say “Thank You”.

Two simple words that don’t get used enough. At CCS we know you have a choice. I’m a small business owner and I know you have a choice. So thank you for considering CCS for your technology solutions needs. We appreciate the fact that you’ve taken time to visit our website, or to speak with one of our technology professionals about your needs. I have always appreciated the opportunities that our customers have given us, and have never taken them for granted, but this recession, in particular, has reminded me of the importance of humility and being thankful for every opportunity we’ve been given.

I started CCS because I believed that every business deserved the attention, respect, and level of performance that is often only afforded to the largest clients. When we were running our first company, we felt what it was like to be given poor service, simply because we didn’t have a huge budget, and we promised ourselves then that if we ever had the opportunity to provide IT services, we’d do things differently, to give every customer excellent service. Service providers (like CCS) obviously must make a profit, but that doesn’t mean that when we’ve allocated time to focus on your needs, that you should expect anything less than excellence from us. We know that we must conduct ourselves with integrity, in a manner that earns your trust and your business. We believe that your experience with CCS must be consistently excellent, consistent, and predictable.

As I was growing up, I had the opportunity to work for Corporate America, Where I provided services to some of the largest companies in the world, as well as observe how these world-class companies operated. I believe that these experiences helped to shape my perspective that all customers deserve excellent service, with predictable consistency, and that their experiences must be consistently great. Too often, excellent service has a direct correlation to how much you spend, or how big your business is, and I feel strongly that approach is misguided. CCS is our effort to build the proverbial better mousetrap.

I also want you to know that when you do business with CCS, you are reinvesting in your own communities. All of our employees live here – no offshoring or outsourcing here at CCS. So when you spend money with CCS, the money stays here.

Stability – Carolina Computer Services

Please know that we’re not going anywhere – CCS was started in 1994 and we have been going strong since. We have a specific intent on focusing on the unique needs of NC businesses. We’re not in business to make a quick buck – we are ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work to earn your business, and we’ll be here to support you long after the sale. But if you do happen to fall prey to one of these shiny new alternatives, that’s OK – we’ll be here to help you after you’ve given them a try, and we’ll be happy to do so.

Finally, we do not have as many opportunities as we’d like to meet all of our potential customers in person because our Field Service and Sales teams do such an excellent job. But I do want you to know that I’m accessible and encourage you to let me know if you ever believe that you’ve received anything less than excellent service from any of our team (and you can also let me know if you’d like to give one of our folks kudos!) I don’t know about you, but it drives me nuts when a company’s upper management hides behind web pages and does not make themselves accessible when problems arise – I’m accessible! Our team is human, and we will make mistakes – I expect it when humans are involved and think it’s important to set expectations realistically. But what we do about them once we’re made aware of them is what makes the difference between mediocre or exceptional service, and we are committed to providing you with excellent service. We want you to be delighted with every interaction with CCS!

Randall Mason

A Brief History of Our Company:

Carolina Computer Services was formed in 1994 by Randall Mason, a Senior Engineer working at the time in Research Triangle Park, NC. Realizing that Eastern NC was devoid of any experts in the computer/technology sector, a decision was made to open up a consulting firm for Legal, Medical and small business offices. The rest, as they say, is history.

Four years later in 1998 a sister company was formed called NCISP that provided internet service and in 1999 another company was started called Wireless Telecom (providing high-speed wireless services).

The decision was made to move to a 10,000 square foot facility on Hwy 70 in Goldsboro and that expanded to 5 locations throughout NC. With service in NC, SC and VA, word grew quickly of the professional services offered and growth quickly ensued.

In 2002 Wireless Telecom was sold and in 2007 NCISP was sold leaving the focus on computers and technology where it remains today. Everybody has standards... Ours is just better. Carolina Computer Services takes pride in our standards and make sure we show it to all of our present and future clients. Please take a look at our standards and contact us today for learning more!

Everybody has standards... Ours are just better.

Carolina Computer Services takes pride of our standards and values and we make sure we show it to all of our present and future clients. Contact us today for learn more!

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Security is the most important measure of defense when it comes to businesses.

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At CCS, we offer extended hardware warranties. Call us today to find out how!

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Computer viruses can wreak havoc on a system. Let CCS help protect your mission critical business systems and data, call today.

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Site surveys allows CCS to design and develop a better infrastructure for your company.

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