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Server Support, Windows, Linux, Mac, Microsoft Certified

At Carolina Computer Services we provide server support for all versions of Microsoft Server Operating systems from Server 2000 to today’s latest release. We also sell and server all brands of Servers (Dell, HP, etc).

With over 20 years’ experience installing, maintaining and providing top notch server support for Windows Server Operating Systems from Windows Server 2000 to the latest cutting edge release our Microsoft Certified Engineers have the experience you need to install, configure, service and maintain your business critical servers. We have a large base of Legal and Medical offices that we maintain on a daily basis to keep their practices up and running. You can depend on our expert staff for prompt, professional service, before, during and after the sell.

We offer support services from clients that have 5 computers up to 300, no business is too small to benefit from our expert staff. As the leader in NC since 1994 we have a prove track record of success and you can rest assured we will be here for the next 20 years. Don’t take a chance with a here today, gone tomorrow computer company, your company deserves the support and stability Carolina Computer Services brings to the table.

As a Dell and HP authorized reseller and warranty repair center let CCS configure, procure, install and provide server support. We have installed literally thousands of servers over the past 20 years and have the support of vendors for pre and post-sales support as well as warranty repair services. Whether you choose to go with Dell or HP for your critical servers we have the experience with both vendors to guide you through the process of configuring a server for your specific needs. Don’t’ settle for less, put CCS on your side.


Virtualization has become one of the hottest technologies on the market, promising to transform the landscape of the entire computing industry. The primary reason virtualization has grown so rapidly in popularity is the unprecedented agility it provides for IT.

Virtualization can transform IT environments by consolidating multiple systems into a single server, workstation, or PC, leveraging and maximizing the full value of your investments. Different types of virtualization include: server, application, desktop, operating system, data, and storage virtualization.

CCS has the experience, staff and vendor support to guide you to the correct virtualization strategy, allowing you to maximize your hardware and IT efficiencies, while achieving significantly higher server utilization rates by consolidating hardware. As one of the most experienced solutions providers in NC with both VMware, Citrix and Microsoft technologies, CCS can provide server support for these systems and:

  • Help you design, implement, and support a virtualization strategy that fits your needs including application, desktop, and/or server virtualization
  • Lower your total cost of ownership through virtualization by eliminating hardware and thus reducing energy and procurement costs
  • Experience: 10+ years experience designing, implementing and supporting Citrix Xen, VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Certification: Citrix Silver Partner, VMware Professional Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Simplicity: One number to call for all your support needs, including all software and hardware
  • Support: Direct Access to Citrix, VMware and Microsoft engineers
  • Achieve higher server utilization rates of up to 80% (instead of typical rates of 5-15%)
  • Allow your IT staff to get back to their core duties by Reducing the resources need to upgrade software environments and upload patches
  • Reducing the time of provisioning, moving and repurposing servers
  • Providing high availability and disaster recovery functionality

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Security is the most important measure of defense when it comes to businesses.

Extended Hardware Warranty

At CCS, we offer extended hardware warranties. Call us today to find out how!

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Computer viruses can wreak havoc on a system. Let CCS help protect your mission critical business systems and data, call today.

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Site surveys allows CCS to design and develop a better infrastructure for your company.

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