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So-called Crypto Viruses are devastating malicious programs that infect a network then search for user files to encrypt using powerful encryption methods. Once the user files are encrypted, the virus authors then demand a hefty "ransom" payment to obtain the decryption key so the user can get their files back.

If you suspect that your office computer or network has been infected with a crypto virus, its critical you get it removed ASAP! Call Carolina Computer Services at 919.736.4500.

Crypto Viruses are especially dangerous because they seek out and attack networks that still have older technologies in use. Internet-facing Windows Server 2003 web servers and terminal servers are excellent examples of older technologies that have well known attack vectors. Because these older technologies are no longer supported, there are no security patches being released for them to protect these older technologies from attacks such as the various Crypto Viruses.

The best ways to protect your network from Crypto Virus attack is to ensure only fully supported technologies are in use and to have adequate backups. Carolina Computer Services can both provide onsite as well as offsite backup but can also provide services to assist the client organization with upgrading legacy systems to later technologies.

Beyond the perils of crypto virus attacks there are many other issues you as a business owner or CEO need to address.

In addition to crypto virus removal we need to plan and defend our businesses against potential terrorist attacks, Bio Attacks and Cyber Attacks. One important aspect of defense is anti-virus and anti-malware protection. As part of the planning process, Carolina Computer services provides Sophos as our managed solution to help protect your network.

Let Carolina Computer Servers work with you to setup disaster plans, anti-virus and anti-malware, and harden your facility before a disaster strikes.

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