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Carolina Computer services specializes in onsite computer networking and computer services for small to medium local area networks operating under the “Microsoft Windows” Operating Systems. Whether peer to peer or Windows client-server based networks, we have the technical expertise to design, configure, install, and support your needs today and tomorrow.

Our offsite and onsite computer networking specialists become an extension of your existing IT structure and work in conjunction with your staff to troubleshoot, repair and maintain a working environment while staying within the constraints of your IT budget. Committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements within the computer networking community, CCS is NC’s first choice for onsite computer networking support with 24/7 support options and rates starting as low as $74.95 for remote maintenance agreements that offer UNLIMITED Support Services.

Contact our Onsite Support Manager at 919.736.4500 to put your computer networking troubles behind you. Onsite services are available 24/7/365, when scheduled during normal business hours.

Peer to Peer Networking

Best suited for home office and small workgroup environments that wish to share an internet connection or peripherals, P2P networks do not require a central server to control connectivity and the sharing of information. Our trained and certified network specialists will evaluate your needs and current hardware configurations to identify the most practical and cost effective solution for your networking needs.

Windows Client-Server Networking

Providing centralized application and data access, client-server networks are ideal for larger workgroups and provide faster access speeds than those of peer to peer networks. Other benefits include improved network security, task tracking, and inter-company email. Confused as to which network environment will best fit your needs? Let our professional network specialists guide you through the process.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking has become an accepted and convenient way to connect multiple systems to the internet and to each other for file and resource sharing. There is no longer the need to be connected with a wire that limits where you can work. CCSs network specialists are here to make your wireless network safe and secure while at the same time easy to manage for the average user.

Connectivity Options

Wired, wireless, USB, PCI, and on and on… so many choices and so many questions. Your answer: CCS. Be it LAN, WAN, wired, wireless, or remote access, our network specialists have the product knowledge to guide you through the selection process. Committed to staying abreast on the latest technological advances, we know the difference between reality and vaporware. Your network needs to function all day every day and the first step to meeting that goal is through the proper connectivity choice. Whether single or cross platform, contact our Onsite Support Manager to schedule your onsite evaluation today.

Firewalls & Security

Small businesses must balance the urgent need to protect daily online operations from attack and misuse while staying within limited budgets. CCS has the staff and the product knowledge to offer your company a full range of security solutions. We offer powerful yet flexible comprehensive protection across your network, servers, and workstations. In this so very public world, protect what is rightfully yours; contact our Onsite Support Manager today to keep you information and data under wraps.

Network Security Audits

The first step in protecting your online resources is locating where information is stored, understanding the security measures currently in place that guard that information, and identify vulnerabilities and suspect configurations that place your information at risk. Take that first step by contacting CCS for a complete Network Security Audit. Our professionally trained security analysts will uncover and isolate threats and in turn provide comprehensive cost effective solutions for closing those doors.

Internet Connection Sharing

Have multiple computers and only one internet access account? Paying your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for multiple access accounts for the same location? Install a Local Area Network (LAN) utilizing Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and allow all your users to have internet access while only paying your ISP for one internet access point. Working with the latest ICS products, our Onsite Network Support Staff can help get you and your associates on the information superhighway in the fast lane.

Virus Detection & Removal

The single largest threat to the security and integrity of your system is a virus. Transmitted via email or piggybacking on software being distributed among system users, new viruses appear almost daily. While many are merely annoying, some have the ability to render your system completely useless. Using the latest virus detection, protection and removal tools available, we have the knowledge and experience to help you recover from what can be a devastating experience. In today’s virus plagued world, the best offense is an impregnable defense. Let CCS help you implement a comprehensive virus protection program today.

Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

Troubles network related or data to sensitive to remove from your facility? CCS Onsite Support Staff is the right solution for your dilemma. Servicing all brands of Windows based PC’s and networks, we have been committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable service available in NC since 1994. In time critical situations, same day service is available for an additional charge. Stocking an extensive inventory of components, both state of the art and yesterday’s tried and true allows a cost effective and time conscious resolution to your needs.

System Upgrades

System stuck in a time warp or running in the slow lane? Our technicians work closely with our sales staff to provide the most cost effective and practical upgrade and enhancement options to suit your specific needs. From simple memory addition to changing the CPU and flashing the motherboard bios, we have the components and technical knowledge necessary to help you get the maximum life expectancy out of that system you have grown to love. When the time finally comes to replace it, we will gladly apply the current system’s market value and transfer your current data to your new system.

System and Software Instruction

Providing custom tailored training in system use and all major desktop applications helps to assure that you get the highest return on your investment possible. In addition to both group and individual instruction, we can tailor our training services to meet your individual needs. Services are available at our location or yours.

Installation Relocation & Configuration Services

Unsure of what plugs in where? Did corporate ship you one of those new fangled networks or broadband services for your department? We can help! Our onsite personnel can verify receipt and condition of all components, set up equipment, install and complete all necessary cable connections, install software, transfer files and data between systems, configure network or internet connections, and make sure all peripheral devices are operating properly. Lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress, we are your private IT Department.

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Security Audit

Security is the most important measure of defense when it comes to businesses.

Extended Hardware Warranty

At CCS, we offer extended hardware warranties. Call us today to find out how!

Virus Protection

Computer viruses can wreak havoc on a system. Let CCS help protect your mission critical business systems and data, call today.

Site Survey

Site surveys allows CCS to design and develop a better infrastructure for your company.

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