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Can you predict computer repair cost? What does it cost to have an remote support agreement? Can we afford to be without a support plan?

The answer to these questions depends on numerous factors based on risk assessment, complexity of your network and current availability/cost of computer savvy employees you have available. first lets address can you predict repair cost? Yes, if you sign up for our Remote Support plan you can control your IT cost. For a fixed monthly payment you get access to unlimited remote support from our Certified Engineers to address your IT issues. The cost of the service depends on the number of computers/servers you want to cover and the guaranteed response time you need (in minutes). We will be happy to provide you with a free comprehensive quote. Lastly, no you can’t afford to be without a support plan. With IT cost rising yearly, you are far better off to lock into a guaranteed plan and control this expense leaving nothing to chance. Support plans are available from One year to Three years. Lock into a savings today!

If you run a business with two or more networked computers, you have a network, as well as the inherent expenses and responsibilities that come with managing a network. Networks are complex systems that require someone to maintain them. Industry experts, countless studies and common sense tells us that failure to do so proactively, rather than reactively will always cost us more than it would to take a proactive approach to things. Being proactive yields less downtime, more predictability, flatter spending patterns, better ability to plan and budget for IT needs, and allows you to focus on your business, not your network. Computer repair is the number one outsourced expense for most companies as it relates to IT expenses.

Instead of paying premium rates to fight fires reactively, after something goes wrong, or employing a full time consultant/IT rep (who could leave at any time), consider the CCS alternative to paying by the hour or taking on the burden of a salaried employee. CCS Remote Support Plan is a cost effective business network managed IT service plan that ensures highly trained professionals will proactively care for your computer network so that you can focus on your business. This approach has been commonplace in enterprise level companies for years, but now this level of technology and service is available to any size business. While not all computer repair can be done remotely 95% of the software related issue can be.

For a minimal monthly investment, CCS will take responsibility to supply a dedicated engineer and perform a prescribed series of maintenance tasks on your server(s), workstations and network gear – all designed with you, and your network in mind. We’ll take ownership of these problems, maximize your “up-time” and minimize your downtime, so that you can focus on your business, and not the technology you need to run it. Our entire system, our processes, and training methodology is designed from the ground up to take a proactive approach to your computing needs, while giving you predictable IT support costs. Don’ t let unexpected computer repair expenses dig into your bottom line, with a remote support agreement you can plan and predict your expenses and keep them to a minimum.

Depot Service

In addition to remote and onsite repair we offer a depo service at our facility on 508 North Spence Ave. You are welcome to drop off any computer or computer related equipment that needs repair for same day service. We offer this as a convenience to our customers that may have home computers or personal laptops that are in need of service.

Loaner Rental Systems

System down and have a deadline to meet or adding temporary staff to complete a major project and need some additional equipment short term; we can help. We have loaner and rental systems available to see you through that unexpected time of need. Systems are delivered with fresh operating systems ready for you to install your software and get to work. When returned, we reformat the hard disk to ensure that your data stays with you. Your world doesn’t have to stop just because your system did.

Custom Hard Drive Imaging

System information retention and duplication is a valuable tool available for maintaining and supporting workgroup environments. Our Service Department has the ability after your workstations have been configured to create and maintain a complete image of the hard drive. This image can then be copied to new workstations being added to the network, or to replacement hard drives in the event of a hardware failure.

Everybody has standards... Ours are just better.

Carolina Computer Services takes pride of our standards and values and we make sure we show it to all of our present and future clients. Contact us today for learn more!

Security Audit

Security is the most important measure of defense when it comes to businesses.

Extended Hardware Warranty

At CCS, we offer extended hardware warranties. Call us today to find out how!

Virus Protection

Computer viruses can wreak havoc on a system. Let CCS help protect your mission critical business systems and data, call today.

Site Survey

Site surveys allows CCS to design and develop a better infrastructure for your company.

Are you seeking an innovative design for your business?

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