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Secure, automated, offsite HIPPA compliant backup service

Simply put online backup (also called cloud or remote backup) is a safe, secure method of storing your critical data offsite.

As our dependency grows on computers and we store more and more critical data on them we need a way to ensure we have a solid disaster recovery plan in place. Remote backup is quickly becoming the preferred way to house your data safety and securely offsite.

Backup has always been a sore subject at best with various mechanical methods working some of the time and extremely unreliable at best. It was not until the late 2008 that the tape drive was replaced with an electronic backup recovery method.

Our affordable enterprise-class online backup solutions for corporate and individuals eliminate issues associated with traditional backup methods like the need for manual intervention, expenses and being error prone. IBackup also secures your data against any virus attacks, hardware crashes, theft and natural calamities at all times.


  • Backups are encrypted for complete security. No one, not even us, can read your files. Tape backups are not generally encrypted, so anyone can read them and gain access to your client database, billing records, payroll, tax info, and everything else on your computer. Your data is encrypted with a 448 bit encryption that even we don’t have access to. In addition you have your own username and password as an extra layer of security.
  • Restoring a file is as easy and pointing and clicking on the file you want restored. No more trying to find out what tape has the particular file you need as you can search ALL your backed up data at one time and restore just as easy. In the event of total catastrophic data loss on your file server we can even bring all your data to you on a external hard drive and restore it significantly faster than a tape drive can.
  • Online Backup is offsite and stored safely away from your computer and your business. This is where almost every small business makes its biggest mistake. Even if you do everything else perfectly, your backups are of little use if your building burns, or you are unable to physically recover your tapes from the premises. Most small companies leave their backup tapes in the same building as their computer where they can be destroyed right along with the computer.
  • Multiple versions of files are kept. Proper backups require redundancy. One must keep multiple copies of a file at different points in its development. These are called “versions or generations”. For example, you should have a different copy of each backed-up file for each backup session. Further, you should be able to easily restore any of your files up to any given point in time. Banks do it, big corporations do it, and so should small businesses. Fortress Remote Backup makes this possible with an easy to use version control system.
  • No User Intervention. This online backup service does not require any user intervention. There are no tapes to change, no updates to perform, no manual steps involved, the process is fully automated and runs daily or hourly depending on your needs.
  • Backup/Restore Process: Our backup service automatically backs up your critical data. It is compressed and encrypted during transfer and storage. Block level patching where only modified portion of data is transferred after initial backup ensures optimal bandwidth utilization. You can restore any file to the local computer, when required.
  • Quick. Data Compression allows the file to be compressed before being transmitted securely over the encrypted data stream, this says time and bandwidth.

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